Improvement Through People

As organizations mature in their understanding of Lean and continuous improvement, most learn the engine that drives sustainable improvement is not a set of tools; it is the collective effort of their people. True sustainable improvement comes through employees that are engaged and aligned on the mission critical activities and have a set of skills which empowers their spirit to improve what they do on a daily basis. As Liker and Hoseus succinctly state in Toyota Culture, “TPS is often referred to within Toyota as the “Thinking” Production System. This is the real purpose and when you use TPS tools and methods to get people to think and teach others, the effects of any individual project are leveraged exponentially”.

Driving Culture Change

Culture: The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, or group.

So how does TWI enable changes in culture? 

  • First JR, Job Relations gives employees a set of skills that encourages positive relations, increases cooperation and motivation and helps them effectively deal with conflict.
  • Second, JI, Job Instruction is the foundation of standardized work and allow employees too quickly establish the one best way to perform a job.
  • Finally JM, Job Methods provides employees with a process to put their ideas for improvement to test and in place if the new method yields better results.
  • Combined, these methods give employees the foundation for true continuous improvement and help them see the importance and impact their individual job has on the overall organization.