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TWI Trainer Development Certifications

What is Trainer Development?

A core component of Training Within Industry (TWI), the trainer development model is a framework for preparing employees to pass job skills and training methods on to others, who can then become trainers themselves. The process is designed to be iterative and scalable: initial instruction is delivered by a Master Trainer, after which trainees become certified and can transfer their coaching expertise on to others.

The Trainer Development model (train-the-trainer (TtT) style class), ensures that your organization stays agile and competitive in its field, able to attract and retain talent that prioritizes professional development and continuous improvement.

Become a Certified TWI Trainer

The TWI Institute Certified Trainer Program consists of separate 40-hour Train-the-Trainer (TtT) programs, one for each TWI program: Job Instruction (JI), Job Relations (JR), Job Methods (JM), Job Safety (JS), and Problem Solving (PS). The Institute also offers TtT Certifications for Kata and Toyota Kata. Participants can become a Certified Trainer for any or all of the programs.

All TWI Institute Certified Trainers become part of a community that provides:

  • Ongoing support and guidance though the Institute and Master Trainers
  • Training materials including participant guides, instructional cards and more
  • A blog with training and coaching insights from Master Trainers
  • Connections to TWI practitioners to compare experiences and share solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, construction and service industries

Participants are trained by experienced, engaging and committed Master Trainers using a consistent method proven by the documented successes of TWI Institute trainers around the globe. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who satisfactorily complete each 40-hour trainer program, having displayed a clear understanding of the Training Delivery Manual and all training materials.

Let’s Talk TtT

Why the TWI train-the-trainer method is effective

All trainers certified through the TWI Institute experience the successful TWI delivery methods developed during WWII and repeatedly proven throughout the years.
Learn-By-Doing Approach

Hearing and/or seeing is not enough. Learners practice their training delivery skills in a simulated course environment with hands-on practice.

Consistent Delivery

In this tightly defined program, all participants receive the exact same training delivered by Certified Master Trainers.


The one-week, 40-hour course format relays content in manageable segments, allowing participants to absorb material and accelerating learning and proficiency.

Scalable & Sustainable

Course delivery skills are standardized, so the processes will look the same throughout the entire organization.

Available Programs

Facilitated by a Certified Master Trainer, the 40-hour programs are standardized to ensure consistency of content, but flexible enough to foster a positive and supportive learning environment for each participant. Upon completion, participants will be able to confidently and skillfully deliver a 10-hour program on the topic.

What Our Clients Say

The value of TWI Institute and its certified teachers and coaches is in making manuals and materials come alive in the hands, the mind, and the workplace.
David Hyem, Vice President of Metal Fabrication (Retired) From Boeing
David Hyem, Boeing, Value of TWI (TWI Training, Transportation page, and Why TWI page)

Prerequisites to become a TWI Institute Certified Trainer

Individuals with experience leading others and implementing continuous improvement tools are well-suited for TWI Institute Trainer certification. All TWI Certified Trainer candidates should possess or complete the following:

  • Supervisory experience and/or experience coordinating the work of others
  • An understanding of business and/or production processes including the tools of Lean
  • Satisfactory completion of each applicable TWI 10-hour program (JI, JR, JM or JS). Note: Training Certification for each J program is a separate and independent process.
  • Sufficient experience utilizing and building experience and expertise within the applicable TWI program they will learn to teach.
  • A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreeing to maintain TWI Institute delivery standards as outlined for either Consultant Trainers or Company Trainers

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