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TWI Training and Coaching

What is Training Within Industry (TWI)?

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a dynamic and proven method of hands-on training, learning and coaching for supervisors, team leaders, and workers.

TWI was introduced in 1940 by the United States Department of War and operated within the War Manpower Commission until 1945. It was originally developed to meet the high demand for wartime materials from a smaller and less-experienced workforce.

Today, training within industry remains relevant because of its unique methodology that empowers the frontline.

TWI training is practical and fundamental; its benefits transcend time, place and situation.

  • Can be learned and applied by itself or in conjunction with other problem solving and improvement programs
  • Builds skills, stability, safety and confidence
  • Develops frontline people as the engine for sustainable results in the workplace
  • Creates an essential foundation for problem solving, standard work, continuous improvement, operational excellence and Lean initiatives
  • Encourages positive employee relations, resolves conflicts, increases cooperation and motivation

Let’s Talk TWI

Why the TWI training method is effective

People Focused

Your people become involved and feel appreciated; their performance and emotional commitment takes productivity to new heights. Through TWI training, supervisors learn to instruct, improve methods and lead people effectively.

Learn by Doing

The TWI training method emphasizes step-by-step instruction, practice and coaching. Learners aren’t just observers, they’re doers.

Long-term Skills

The expertise your team learns sticks with them, leading to process consistency, stability and better, more efficient teamwork.

Aligned with Goals

Before any training begins, we work with you to understand what you need to accomplish and set target metrics accordingly.

Available Programs

There are five basic TWI programs. Each one enables and empowers your frontline leaders and workers with better skills and better relationships. We can advise you on staging and sequencing our programs depending on the goals you need to accomplish or the problems you need to solve.

What Our Clients Say

The value of TWI Institute and its certified teachers and coaches is in making manuals and materials come alive in the hands, the mind, and the workplace.
David Hyem, Vice President of Metal Fabrication (Retired) From Boeing
David Hyem, Boeing, Value of TWI (TWI Training, Transportation page, and Why TWI page)

Become a certified TWI trainer

Remember how much you enjoyed your favorite teacher? Great teachers turn a learning process into an enriching experience. If you love the idea of inspiring people, helping them improve and watching them grow with a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction, then becoming an internal certified TWI trainer for your employer can be a rewarding adjunct to your career, or the beginning of a new one.

Ready to get started?