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TWI Certification

TWI Certifications set the standard for your implementation

TWI Institute guides your organization through a certification process that starts with the basics of each module, and where each is applied in the overall scheme of operational excellence.

Based on this understanding, your people can then be certified in the TWI methodologies that have been called by Dr. Alan G. Robinson of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Without question… the most successful corporate training programs in the history of the United States.”

With the careful guidance of TWI Institute instructors, the skills of Job Instruction (JI), Job Relations (JR), Job Methods Improvement (JM), Job Safety (JS) and Problem Solving (PS) are ingrained into your culture. These skills can be further advanced and sustained by developing and certifying in-house trainers who will take ownership and control of the training and deployment process.

Choose the level that fits your organization’s size and needs

Depending on the size of your organization and, more specifically, the ideal ratio of TWI trainers to employees, your needs will vary. TWI Institute will guide your team every step of the way in designing and implementing a plan that works for you.
Knowledge Certification
This online certificate program engages your people in learning the fundamentals of TWI programs (JI, JR, JM, JS and PS) and how they work individually and together. Starting with the history of the TWI program from its roots in WWII, participants learn the contents of each module and gain a deep understanding of why these are proven impactful methodologies.
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TWI Certification
Because TWI methods are skills, they must be learned and internalized through practice and repetition. Following the classic TWI training approach, your employees will be trained by TWI Institute instructors as they complete “learn-by-doing” courses, either live or virtually. These courses have been successfully training supervisors, team leaders and other workforce directors for over seven decades. In addition to course completion, trainees attend hands-on post-course coaching that confirms they have mastered the skills and can apply the methods correctly and consistently to their own jobs in their actual working areas. TWI Certifications can be obtained individually for each TWI module.
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Becoming a TWI Institute Certified Trainer
Each TWI module follows a standard delivery approach that can be learned in the well-established TWI Train-the-Trainer format. This is the way TWI was designed by its founders in order to engage the multiplier effect which was to train people who will train other people who will train groups of people to use the method. TWI Institute will certify your qualified people to teach the method following the standard delivery model for each course, ensuring that your organization continues to reap the benefits of the programs. With certified in-house trainers, your organization will be able to continue expanding skills development and sustaining the great results you obtain with your TWI implementation.
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What Our Clients Say

The class was very hands on and answered every question I had... helped to teach/understand how to deliver the material/method. This training method will help standardize the teaching/learning process.
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