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Standardized Work Certification

Standardized Work Certifications set the standard for your implementation

As Taiichi Ohno, founder of the Toyota Production System, famously put it, “Without standard work, there can be no improvement.”

With the careful guidance of TWI Institute instructors, Standardized Work concepts and practices are introduced and ingrained into your culture. Your organization can begin to fight the negative effects of instability, such as variation and inconsistency, and begin building a foundation for continuous improvement.

This effort will be further sustained in your organization going forward by developing and certifying in-house trainers who can take ownership and responsibility for the training and development process.

Choose the level that fits your organization’s size and needs

Depending on the size of your organization and, more specifically, the ideal ratio of Standardized Work trainers to employees, your needs will vary. TWI Institute will guide your team every step of the way in designing and implementing a plan that works for you.
Standardized Work Certification
Our Standardized Work course was developed by Isao Kato, who spent 35 years working in manufacturing, human resources, training and supplier development at Toyota Motor Corporation. During this period, Kato worked under the direction of Taiichi Ohno developing training material for Ohno’s burgeoning Toyota Production System (TPS). TWI Institute cooperated to help Kato achieve his dream of making his vast knowledge and experience accessible to people outside of Japan, and helped develop his Standardized Work program into a comprehensive training and coaching program. Now, for the first time, your people can be certified in his program through TWI Institute and our exclusive relationship with Mr. Kato.
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Becoming a TWI Institute Certified Trainer
Our Standardized Work course follows a delivery approach that can be learned in the well-established TWI Train-the-Trainer format. This pattern was designed by TWI founders in order to engage the multiplier effect, which was to train people who will train other people who will train groups of people to use the method. TWI Institute will certify your qualified people to teach the Standardized Work class, following a standard delivery model, ensuring that your organization continues to reap the benefits of the programs. With certified in-house trainers, your organization will be able to continue applying Standardized Work and sustaining the great results you obtain with the implementation of this unique and special training program.
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What Our Clients Say

The (Isao) Kato training encouraged me to reflect and think deeply about the how and why of standardized work. I really appreciate how the training took a broad subject and boiled it down to the key points which provided clarity in my thinking. It showed me that every high-level objective depends upon how each team member on the front lines performs her/his work.
Skip Steward, Vice President and Chief Improvement Officer From Baptist Memorial Health Care

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