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The Center for Creative Leadership points out that leaders worldwide face similar challenges with elevating effectiveness, managing change and inspiring teams. Our TWI, Kata and Standardized Work programs help your department meet them.

Overcome the challenges in your department.

The TWI Institute brings insights and experience from working with people like you. We help players from all over the globe leverage the power of people to ignite ideas, solve problems and spur growth through TWI, Kata and Standardized Work coaching and training.
Improving Effectiveness

Getting people’s skills up to speed and accelerating their impact on problem solving, making decisions, satisfying customers and enhancing outcomes.

Inspiring Individuals and Teams

Finding the best ways to motivate peak performance in people while ensuring that they’re working smarter and feeling more satisfied in their work

Talent Development

Helping people develop purpose along with process, mentoring and coaching improvement to ease talent acquisition when people move on or retire.

Inspiring Leadership

Creating a “leadership workforce” by collectively listening, learning, solving problems and achieving the smaller goals that contribute to meeting larger ones.

Managing Change

Building confidence in the reasons for and effects of change. Our programs build proper communications, reduce resistance and can guide how change affects people and teams.

Managing Relationships

Overseeing all the factors – people, policies, processes and purpose – that can create productive relationships between managers, supervisors and frontline workers.

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What Our Clients Say

We wanted to create competitive advantage with our workforce. I attribute much of that to standardizing work and JI.
Walter Miller, Director of Operation Excellence From Cummins Engine
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