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Standardized Work

What is Standardized Work?

Standardized Work (SW) is the bedrock foundation for all improvement programs. SW defines standards for any given process. These standards become the common reference points for the way a task is performed. The Standardized Work process fights the negative effects of instability, such as variation and inconsistency.

Our Standardized Work course is the brainchild of Isao Kato, who spent 35 years with the Toyota Motor Corporation working in manufacturing, human resources, training and supplier development. During this period, Mr. Kato worked under the direction of another Toyota legend, Taiichi Ohno, developing training material for the burgeoning Toyota Production System (TPS). While Mr. Kato’s nickname was “Ike,” he was better known at Toyota as “the father of standardized work and kaizen courses” and the master instructor of TWI who introduced the Job Instruction, Job Relations and Job Methods to Toyota.

Mr. Kato has entrusted the advancement of Standardized Work to us. The TWI Institute team is working to help Mr. Kato achieve his dream of making his vast knowledge and experience accessible to people outside of Japan. Consistent with Mr. Kato’s desire and in accordance with his rights and permission, TWI Institute is developing his Standardized Work (SW) program into a comprehensive training and coaching program.

When finished in 2021, Standardized Work will be available exclusively through TWI Institute and its global affiliates.

  • Provides framework for building quality into all processes.
  • Explains optimal way to proceed under current working conditions.
  • Establishes standards, rules and guidelines for worker performance.
  • Provides tools for supervisors to apply standards and manage work comprehensively.
  • Builds tenets for judging normality or abnormality in the way of work.
  • Establishes improvement tools for management and supervisors.
  • Can be learned and applied in conjunction with other improvement initiatives like Lean, kaizen, operational excellence and talent development.

Let’s Talk Standardized Work

Why Standardized Work is Effective

People Focused

Your people become involved and feel appreciated as they take control of their work and how it can be improved. Supervisors learn to instruct, improve methods and lead people effectively.

Creates Strategic and Tactical Alignment

Standardized Work unifies the organization, its processes, production and people.

Process Stability Drives Operational Excellence

Standardized Work improves information flow, quality of the work, safety of the workers and visualization.

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