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Validating and recognizing your achievement

Certification in our program offerings

Starting with basic knowledge in our program offerings, our step-by-step development process guides your supervisors, team leaders and others who direct the workforce through our cornerstone programs in TWI, Kata and Standardized Work. Based on these successes at the frontline level, organizations can migrate the learning to in-house trainers who are certified to train and lead these programs. Large multinational companies with long-running programs may elect to develop an in-house “master trainer” who can promote the continuing application of the training programs across a wide territory of plants and departments.
TWI Programs Certification

We perform worker and workplace certifications, for both student and trainer, in all of our TWI programs: Job Instruction, Job Relations, Job Methods, Job Safety and Problem Solving.

TWI Certification

Kata Programs Certification

We perform certification for both student and trainer in Essential Kata, Kata Foundations and Simulation, and Driving and Coaching Improvement.

Kata Certification

Standardized Work Certification

We certify both students and trainers in the Standardized Work program.

Standardized Work Certification

How high do you want to go?

We offer certifications at five levels, beginning individually with supervisors, team leaders and others who direct the workforce and finishing at the top with company-wide TWI: 2018 Certification.

While every organization is different, our in-depth experience enables us to help you structure the kind of development you need, always taking into consideration:

  • Your most important skill development requirements
  • How many people actually need training on a regular basis
  • The ideal ratio of trainers to employees
  • The kind of in-house training delivery skills you now have or want to develop
  • The environment for ongoing sustainment of skills development


Knowledge Certificate
TWI Certification
Kata Certification
Trainer Certification
TWI:2018 Certification

Setting standards for your TWI, Kata or Standardized Work implementation

Raising the technical competencies of your team is key to success in implementing TWI, Kata or Standardized Work – and there is no better way to ensure that happens than through validation of their skills and knowledge.

Promoting and maintaining professional standards will help your organization measure and keep pace with improving capabilities while ensuring a high level of quality in implementation. The TWI Institute is the globally recognized leader in TWI (Training Within Industry) certification and will guide your team every step of the way as they master the skills that are foundational to Lean and continuous improvement.

When working with TWI Institute, organizational leaders eager to drive continuous improvement can count on:
  • A clear understanding of the TWI/Kata qualifications for each type of job and role
  • Validation of the skills and knowledge required at each level of certification
  • Expanding your talent pool of expertise
  • Certification that individuals have met established qualifications and standards
  • Ability to track progress of individuals as they gain and grow skill sets
  • Greater loyalty and camaraderie among TWI practitioners and advocates

The TWI Institute is a people business that coaches and trains. Our programs generate results and value in the workplace by advancing the skills, contributions and self-respect among supervisors and workers. The work we do with you and your teams provides the ideal foundation to current or planned continuous improvement, Lean, kaizen, operational excellence or talent development initiatives.

Knowledge Certification

Knowledge certification programs accelerate your individual and organizational results by first allowing individuals to acquire a foundation for the skills developed in TWI and Kata. These flexible, online certificate programs engage participants in learning the fundamentals by explaining “the why” of implementing these proven, impactful programs.

TWI/Kata/Standardized Work Certification

The classic TWI training programs, along with our Kata and Standardized Work offerings, provide basic skills development required to effectively lead the frontline workforce. Combined with our strong follow-up coaching, these certifications ensure that your organization has the essential skills needed to achieve successful results on an ongoing basis.

Becoming a TWI Institute Certified Trainer

Facilitated by TWI Institute Master Trainers in the well-established TWI Train-the-Trainer format, your organization can have leaders join a one-week program to build in-house capacity and expertise to facilitate the training spread of the TWI and Kata skills. Master Trainers then continue coaching participants as they rigorously practice delivery of the basic programs; upon completion, they are able to confidently and skillfully train and mentor others.

TWI Master Trainer Program

For large organizations with a wide reach, TWI Institute offers a rigorous program of Master Trainer development for highly experienced TWI trainers who can then continue developing in-house trainers and promoting the long-term sustainment of TWI programs in their organizations.

TWI Company Certification

The TWI Institute has developed TWI:2018 Training Management System International Standard and is responsible for its stewardship and revisions. We provide guidance on how to comply with the standard and perform certification audits. Following the pattern of ISO 9001:2015, it is easily integrated, yet also well-suited as a standalone Training Management System (TMS).

Our end-to-end approach sets us apart

Our proven methods stretch far beyond essential TWI, Kata and Standardized Work training. From initial preparation to ongoing consulting, we prepare people and workplaces for continuous improvement, better outcomes and increased engagement.
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Step One:

We start with an assessment and provide tailored recommendations for your workers and your workplace. KPIs are set, a communication strategy is planned and workforce orientation begins.

Step Two:

Supervisors, team leaders and those who direct the work of others attend, participate and learn in our cornerstone programs: TWI, Kata and Standardized Work.

Step Three:

We work with you to plan a pilot program and teams begin to learn by doing. Through workplace practice and coaching, we help students accept the ideas and put them to work. We’re with you through every step of the journey.

Step Four:

We assess learning, validate pilot results, incorporate skills into routines, evaluate practices and culture, and measure performance against KPIs.

Step Five:

We execute worker and workplace certifications, including TWI Certification (student and trainer), Kata Certification (student and trainer) Train-the-Trainer Certification, and ISO:2018 Certification.

Ready to get started?