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TWI, Kata and Standardized Work in Production Management

Achieve production targets through people-focused skills building.

Production managers — tasked with keeping employees safe and engaged while juggling all of the key factors that impact performance — use our production management training programs to solve a wide range of issues and challenges.

As part of the Production Management team, you face challenges aplenty. First, it’s understanding and satisfying the customer, then translating that into the work itself. Of course, you are also focused on keeping employees engaged and safe, all while juggling other key factors that impact performance.

  • Workplace reorganization, relocation of workers and concern over wellbeing
  • Quality difficulties like defects, returns and instability
  • Output issues over lead times, inventory and supply chain disruption, workflow
  • Cost problems stemming from productivity and efficiency, waste and skill gaps
  • Culture complications related to policies, procedures, purpose and people

TWI Institute is a people business that coaches and trains. Our production management training programs empower employees, support production and quality goals, and generate results and value in workplaces by advancing skills, contributions and self-respect among supervisors and workers. This approach gives you the ideal foundation for Standardized Work, continuous improvement, Lean, kaizen or Six Sigma initiatives.

Who Our Programs Help

Every organization is different, but people problems are often similar. Our experience in working with leaders in Production Management enables us to structure the exact kind of production management coaching and training solution that fits you best.

Our Programs Help

  • C-levels, V-levels, Directors and Managers in Production and Manufacturing Management
  • General Managers
  • Culture Development
  • Improvement and Continuous Improvement Leaders
  • Lean Manufacturing Leads
  • Plant and Production Management
  • Process Management
  • Quality Assurance, Control and Systems Leaders
  • Quality Program Leaders
  • Shift and Line Supervisors
  • Six Sigma Masters and Black Belts
  • Training Management
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Experience Impressive Results


Changing conditions, regulatory compliance and new work rules call for better control of your operations and processes. Core to TWI Institute programs is proper job instruction and standardization; developing the “one best way” aligns standards with performance.

Skill Up

OSHA cautions leaders about skill gaps and threats to productivity due to job sharing, workflow changes and job proficiency deficits. TWI Institute can help close those gaps with reskilling, upskilling, cross training and Standardized Work.

Change, Improve, Repeat

Make your people everyday agents of change for advancing processes and procedures.

Culture of Leadership

Frontline supervisors can lack uniformity in how they manage. Our coaching and training methods develop consistency in leadership. As important, when applied to production management and other areas they create a collaborative “leadership workforce” that helps generate high-value improvement.

Proven Results


increase in productivity


reduction in operator errors and rework


reduction in OSHA incidents


Improvement in employee engagement
These statistics represent documented composite results from actual improvements measured in client engagements and tracking metrics from the U.S. government.

What Our Clients Say

In one quarter Trane was able to onboard 42 new associates while improving on-time shipment from 79% to 99%.
improvement on-time delivery

Recommended Programs

Our end-to-end approach sets us apart

Our proven methods stretch far beyond essential TWI, Kata and Standardized Work training. From initial preparation to ongoing consulting, we prepare people and workplaces for continuous improvement, better outcomes and increased engagement.
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Step One:

We start with an assessment and provide tailored recommendations for your workers and your workplace. KPIs are set, a communication strategy is planned and workforce orientation begins.

Step Two:

Supervisors, team leaders and those who direct the work of others attend, participate and learn in our cornerstone programs: TWI, Kata and Standardized Work.

Step Three:

We work with you to plan a pilot program and teams begin to learn by doing. Through workplace practice and coaching, we help students accept the ideas and put them to work. We’re with you through every step of the journey.

Step Four:

We assess learning, validate pilot results, incorporate skills into routines, evaluate practices and culture, and measure performance against KPIs.

Step Five:

We execute worker and workplace certifications, including TWI Certification (student and trainer), Kata Certification (student and trainer) Train-the-Trainer Certification, and TWI:2018 Certification.

Step Six:

We stay connected with planned reassessments, KPI checks, remedial coaching, and re-certifications to protect and grow your return on investment.

See where TWI Institute can take you.