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Solutions Through People

Custom Solutions

Let us help design a program that works for you

Every organization faces unique problems and challenges, and TWI Institute is ready to listen and help you design a program that meets your needs.

Our programs – TWI, Kata and Standardized Work – generate results and value in the workplace by advancing the skills, contributions and self-respect among supervisors and workers. The work we do with you and your teams provides the ideal foundation or complement to current or planned continuous improvement, Lean, kaizen, operational excellence or talent development initiatives.

If you want to refine your business, we can help. TWI Institute specializes in providing training courses, classes, coaching and certifications to make your business perform better

Results that make a difference


increase in productivity


increase in improvement ideas


reduction in downtime


improvement in employee engagement
These statistics represent documented composite results from actual improvements measured in client engagements and tracking metrics from the U.S. government.

Courses that Shape Custom Solutions

Our programs make a big difference for a simple reason – they are foundational.

Problems our
Custom Solutions solve

Stalled Improvement Initiatives

Providing an improvement foundation; recognizing problems and root causes

Lack of Engagement

Involving workers in ideation and solutions


Creating productive relationships between supervisors and workers

Skills Gaps

Identifying gaps; upskilling, reskilling and cross skilling


Developing the baselines for improvement: standards and standardized work

Physical and Personal Safety

Training workers and teams to be mindful, observant and responsive to risks and safety improvements.

What Our Clients Say

TWI Institute’s advice and training opened our eyes to the fundamentals we needed to achieve our improvement goals. Without these fundamentals, there would be no improvement.
Skip Steward, Vice President and Chief Improvement Officer From Baptist Memorial Health Care
Skip Steward, Baptist Health Care, Improvement (Continuous Improvement, Kaizen Training, Leadership Dev and Custom Solutions Page)
The (Isao) Kato training encouraged me to reflect and think deeply about the how and why of standardized work. I really appreciate how the training took a broad subject and boiled it down to the key points which provided clarity in my thinking. It showed me that every high-level objective depends upon how each team member on the front lines performs her/his work.
Skip Steward, Vice President and Chief Improvement Officer From Baptist Memorial Health Care
Skip Steward, Baptist Health Care, Isao Kato Training (Standard Work Cert and Custom Solutions Page)

Our Solutions Stretch Across the Business Spectrum

The TWI Institute brings you insights and experience from markets and marketplaces worldwide. This track record helps global players – and locals who play globally – leverage the power of people to ignite ideas, solve problems and spur growth.

Our end-to-end approach sets us apart

Our proven methods stretch far beyond essential TWI, Kata and Standardized Work training. From initial preparation to ongoing consulting, we prepare people and workplaces for continuous improvement, better outcomes and increased engagement.
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Step One:

We start with an assessment and provide tailored recommendations for your workers and your workplace. KPIs are set, a communication strategy is planned and workforce orientation begins.

Step Two:

Supervisors, team leaders and those who direct the work of others attend, participate and learn in our cornerstone programs: TWI, Kata and Standardized Work.

Step Three:

We work with you to plan a pilot program and teams begin to learn by doing. Through workplace practice and coaching, we help students accept the ideas and put them to work. We’re with you through every step of the journey.

Step Four:

We assess learning, validate pilot results, incorporate skills into routines, evaluate practices and culture, and measure performance against KPIs.

Step Five:

We execute worker and workplace certifications, including TWI Certification (student and trainer), Kata Certification (student and trainer), and Train-the-Trainer Certification.

Step Six:

We stay connected with planned reassessments, KPI checks, remedial coaching, and re-certifications to protect and grow your return on investment.

Ready to get started?