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Transforming the potential of people into better business performance


Increase in productivity


Reduction in training time


Reduction in employee turnover


Fewer accidents
These statistics represent documented composite results from actual improvements measured in client engagements and tracking metrics from the U.S. government.

Find the right solutions for your workers and workplace

Our TWI, Kata and Standardized Work coaching and training programs provide the critical foundation for Lean, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence and Leadership Development initiatives.
Programming formats fit your needs
In Person
On-site face-to-face training at your location.
On Demand
Online and self-paced options.
Online Synchronous Twist
Real-time online training platform.
A tailored mix of formats to fit your needs.
About TWI Institute
We conduct proven, people-centric training programs that help workplaces generate results and value by advancing the skills, contributions and self-respect of their workers.
Meet TWI Institute
The Proven TWI Legacy
Established in 1940, TWI is a time-tested method of skills-building programs that develop frontline people as the foundation for sustainable results in the workplace.
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TWI Synchronous Training (TWIST)
When in-person training isn't possible, our real-time, online video teaching, training and learning platform can be tailored to your organization's scope, budget and preferences.
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Training Within Industry (TWI), Kata, Standardized Work, & Frontline Leadership Development


Certifications for Workers, Workplaces & Trainers

Our end-to-end approach sets us apart

Our proven methods stretch far beyond essential TWI, Kata and Standardized Work training. From initial preparation to ongoing consulting, we prepare people and workplaces for continuous improvement, better outcomes and increased engagement.
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Step One:

We start with an assessment and provide tailored recommendations for your workers and your workplace. KPIs are set, a communication strategy is planned and workforce orientation begins.

Step Two:

Supervisors, team leaders and those who direct the work of others attend, participate and learn in our cornerstone programs: TWI, Kata and Standardized Work.

Step Three:

We work with you to plan a pilot program and teams begin to learn by doing. Through workplace practice and coaching, we help students accept the ideas and put them to work. We’re with you through every step of the journey.

Step Four:

We assess learning, validate pilot results, incorporate skills into routines, evaluate practices and culture, and measure performance against KPIs.

Step Five:

We execute worker and workplace certifications, including TWI Certification (student and trainer), Kata Certification (student and trainer), and Train-the-Trainer Certification.

Step Six:

We stay connected with planned reassessments, KPI checks, remedial coaching, and re-certifications to protect and grow your return on investment.

Proud to work
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What makes us better?

Better skills, better relationships, better results. Our proven training methods are designed to maximize your people's potential to create more productive, inspired workplaces.
Global Reach

We’ve taught 3,000+ trainers and delivered programming to 30+ countries on 6 continents.

End-to-End Approach

We leave nothing to chance and provide foundational and ongoing support for sustainable growth.

Authentic TWI

We revived TWI’s original impact and made it relevant for the modern worker and workplace.

Our Values

We’re committed to maximizing your people’s potential for success.

Our Clients Know Us Best

The value of TWI Institute and its certified teachers and coaches is in making manuals and materials come alive in the hands, the mind and the place.
Boeing, Manuals and Materials (Homepage)
[Job Methods Training] produces immediate and dramatic results. Because the training starts with a baseline, it is easy to document and demonstrate measurable results. It clearly demonstrates the return on investment (ROI) that can be obtained from workforce training. This is a huge benefit because, historically, training has not been able to demonstrate specific bottom-line results.
Baptist Memorial Health
Baptist Health Care, JM training (Homepage)
We're a manufacturing company but people are the core of our operation. TWI Institute's JR (Job Relations) program brought an emphasis on trust and transparency that built a foundation for a more collaborative and cooperative culture.
Norton McMurray
Norton McMurray, Job Relations (Homepage)

What can we help your team achieve?