The Value of Our Global Team

To every engagement, TWI Institute brings an extraordinary global team of executives, advisors and trainers who not only know your business and industry, but who also have experience in solving problems and meeting goals like yours.

Worldwide Presence

Since 2001, The TWI Institute has served hundreds of clients in North America and around the globe. Through our partnerships we have created TWI Institute locations in every region of the world including all parts of Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and the Americas. Our partners bring years of practical experience and real lessons of success driving improvement and changing culture in the world’s leading organizations. You will benefit from their real “Learn by Doing” background and formal training from the Institute. We have the capability to deliver TWI training and materials in over 20 languages.
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Training Partners

The TWI Institute has assembled a network of exceptional talent bringing together the best and brightest experts in Operational Excellence, Organizational Development and Lean Manufacturing to offer tailored solutions for problems in any industry. Let our training partners move your organization to the next level of excellence.

Learning Partners

“Knowledge is Power” Through our learning partners, we bring this quote to life. Let our learning partners build the foundation of knowledge necessary to make effective and impactful strategies for improvement.


Digital training tools are crucial in modern manufacturing, and you need a robust software platform that can augment training processes.

Dozuki is the sole industry solution that combines the TWI Job Instruction program with built-in software support. Now, it’s easier than ever for companies to enhance manufacturing performance, empower and upskill frontline teams and accelerate digital transformation efforts.

With the power of TWI Institute’s processes and Dozuki’s digital solution, you have a convenient, easy-to-access platform that can store training materials, track training progress, set workflows, collect and analyze data and much more!

Lean Frontiers

Lean is a business model, so it only makes sense that EVERYONE in the business understand that model. Too often those in Accounting, HR, IT, Product Development, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, and even Executive Leadership don’t understand lean thinking.

Hosts leading-edge, intensely-focused learning events (summits, workshops, online) for the lean and improvement communities.


SkillPoint workshops focus on intensive learning and practice of TWI Job Instruction or Toyota Kata through a 3 or 3 ½ day immersion into a simulated world of Lean and Continuous Improvement.

World-Class Simulation: The workshop uses the high-impact simulated production line created during the NUMMI years (joint venture between Toyota and GM). It’s complex and chaotic at times, with production pressures, allowing participants to experience how the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata or Job Instruction can be practiced in the flow of production. They learn how to think and act in a Lean and Continuous Improvement environment.

What can we help your team achieve?