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Better skills. Better relationships. Better results.

TWI Programs

TWI is proven to build skills, stability and safety among supervisors, team leaders and workers through hands-on learning and practice.
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Kata Programs

Kata makes improvement a top-tier priority. Kata embeds structured, scientific thinking into day-to-day work and quickly establishes a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving.
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Standardized Work

Provides a cornerstone for all improvement programs by creating stability and defining standards for processes.

Helping Leadership Drive Talent Transformation

We value and respect every person’s ability and capability. And, we know that inside everyone is the desire to do better and to be better. With nurturing, that desire unlocks potential and transforms ability and capability into success and self-satisfaction.

We see our role as enabling that transformation and helping people reach their potential with dignity, in harmony and in a way that achieves sustainable results.


TWI Institute training programs lead to internationally recognized qualifications for individuals and organizations. Certification provides verification of competence to recognized standards.
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TWI Certification
Kata Certification
Trainer Certification
TWI:2018 Certification

Key Coaching and Training Benefits

Elevates confidence

In Healthcare, we show caregivers how to be more consistent in what they do and feel safer going home

Faster speed to solution

In Retail and Distribution, we train tens of thousands of seasonal workers on the “one best way” in a matter of weeks

Safer environments and processes

In Manufacturing, we routinely reduce OSHA incidents by as much as 70%

Less turnover and burnout

In Transportation, by giving frontline people ownership of their methods, we elevate trust and cut turnover by more than 20%


Our End-to-End approach starts with setting the metrics that matter to you, and then following them throughout the program

Frontline to bottom line ROI

In Healthcare, savings from reduced re-admissions and length of stay bubble up to lower operating costs

Our end-to-end approach sets us apart

Our proven methods stretch far beyond essential TWI, Kata and Standardized Work training. From initial preparation to ongoing consulting, we prepare people and workplaces for continuous improvement, better outcomes and increased engagement.
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Step One:

We start with an assessment and provide tailored recommendations for your workers and your workplace. KPIs are set, a communication strategy is planned and workforce orientation begins.

Step Two:

Supervisors, team leaders and those who direct the work of others attend, participate and learn in our cornerstone programs: TWI, Kata and Standardized Work.

Step Three:

We work with you to plan a pilot program and teams begin to learn by doing. Through workplace practice and coaching, we help students accept the ideas and put them to work. We’re with you through every step of the journey.

Step Four:

We assess learning, validate pilot results, incorporate skills into routines, evaluate practices and culture, and measure performance against KPIs.

Step Five:

We execute worker and workplace certifications, including TWI Certification (student and trainer), Kata Certification (student and trainer) Train-the-Trainer Certification, and TWI:2018 Certification.

Step Six:

We stay connected with planned reassessments, KPI checks, remedial coaching, and re-certifications to protect and grow your return on investment.

What Our Clients Say

Quality improved, errors reduced, training time lowered. Huge win. Overwhelmingly positive.
Mark Anderson, Senior Manager From Amazon Fulfillment
Mark Anderson, Amazon Fulfillment (Leadership Dev and Distribution Page)

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