TWI Training & Certification

“J” Programs (10-Hour Class)

The 10-Hour “J” programs: Job Instruction, Job Relations, Job Methods, Job Safety, and Problem Solving, are the core of Training Within Industry. They are delivered to supervisors, team leaders and anyone who directs the work of others, giving them the framework and skills to:

  • Establish standard work
  • Quickly train employees to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously
  • Build positive employee relations, increasing cooperation and motivation
  • Effectively resolve conflicts
  • Improve the way jobs are done for continual improvement
  • Create a safe workplace
  • Solve problems quickly and effectively on the floor using TWI methods

Through the TWI Institute’s network of Certified Trainers, “J” programs are offered across the globe. Contact us to learn more.

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Trainer Certification (40-Hour Train-the-Trainer Programs)

“The One Best Way” - One of the key tenets of Lean is building standard work. The Institute applies this in all we do including the trainer certification process. All trainers certified through the Institute use the successful Training Within Industry delivery methods developed during WWII and repeatedly proven throughout the years.

The TWI Institute Certified Trainer Program consists of separate 40-hour Train-the-Trainer (TtT) programs, one for each TWI program of Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM), Job Safety (JS), and Problem Solving. You can become a Certified Trainer for any or all of the programs. The TWI Institute format is a learn-by-doing and coaching experience. Upon completion, you will be able to confidently and skillfully deliver the 10-hour program.

Facilitated by a Certified Master Trainer, the 40-hour programs are standardized to ensure consistency of content, but flexible enough to foster a positive and supportive learning environment for each student. Class sizes are kept small (4-6) to allow substantial one-on-one interaction with the Master Trainer.

Training can be conducted at your facility or in TWI Institute open enrollment programs in San Diego, CA, Liverpool, NY and host companies located around the world.

Why should I become a TWI Institute Certified Trainer?

You will be trained by experienced, engaging, and committed master trainers using a consistent method proven by the documented successes of our trainers around the globe. All TWI Institute Certified Trainers become part of a community that provides:

  • On-going support and guidance though the Institute and Master Trainers
  • Training materials including participant guides, cards, and more
  • A blog with training and coaching insights from Master Trainers
  • Connections to TWI practitioners to compare experiences and share solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, construction and service industries

Are there prerequisites for becoming a Certified Trainer?

All 40-hour Train-the-Trainer programs require successfully completing the 10-hour "J" course of the respective Certified Trainer program. Individuals with experience leading others and implementing continuous improvement tools are well suited for TWI Institute trainer certification.

To learn more about becoming a TWI Institute Certified Trainer, please contact us.