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Solutions Through People

TWI Institute & Dozuki

“Digital Twins” on the Front Lines

Move your frontline training from the manual world to the digital with TWI and Dozuki

Digital training tools are crucial in modern manufacturing, and you need a robust software platform that can augment training processes.

Dozuki is the sole industry solution that combines the TWI Job Instruction program with built-in software support. Now, it’s easier than ever for companies to enhance manufacturing performance, empower and upskill frontline teams and accelerate digital transformation efforts.

With the power of TWI Institute’s processes and Dozuki’s digital solution, you have a convenient, easy-to-access platform that can store training materials, track training progress, set workflows, collect and analyze data and much more!

Proven Results


reduction in changeover time


reduction in documentation time


reduction in training time


increase in productivity

Best-in-class training methodology

  • Proven skills training process to accelerate skills training
  • Hands-on training in Job Instruction, Job Relations and Job Methods
  • Personalized, one-on-one instruction with an experienced trainer
  • Decades of documented success worldwide

Best-in-class connected worker solution

  • Innovative front line connected worker’s software platform
  • Digital training guide through standard job instruction software
  • Enables frontline workers and supervisors to train themselves on the job
  • Includes equipment and materials lists, step-by-step job instructions, process photos, diagrams, video tutorials and demonstrations, and analytical tools

How does it work?

TWI Institute’s training processes are integrated directly into Dozuki’s platform work to provide the most comprehensive training resources available today.
Utilize Dozuki as a central repository for digital versions of TWI Institute’s job instruction breakdown sheets (JIBS) to organize them and make them easier to find and access.
Out-of-the-box creation tool ensures all documents and guides follow a standardized format. Look at the work and concisely break it down into components to make it easier for learners to understand.
Update job information as processes and technologies evolve and instantly share and access updated JIBS across plants around the world.
Categorize your JIBs and associate them with specific tasks and training. Assign tasks and track their progress across tasks to optimize existing resources, personnel, budget and training timelines.

The benefits of a best-in-class partnership:

  • Combine in-person and virtual training tools
  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive backend
  • Document work processes for training purposes
  • Embedded photos and videos to show how to do the work
  • Accommodate varying learning styles or comprehension levels
  • Machine translate documents into multiple languages
  • Set recurring training intervals and track progress
  • Accept feedback directly from frontline employees

Benefits of TWI Partnership

Leverage the best of both worlds

and enjoy the benefits of continuous improvement
Increase engagement

Increase the engagement and commitment of your workforce

Team development

Accelerate the development of frontline teams

Attract talent

Better attract and retain top talent

Increase productivity

Reduce training time and increase productivity

Continuous improvement

Establish a foundation for scalable continuous improvement

Improve work

Improve communication, safety and the standardization of work

Do more with less

Help your workforce do more with less to overcome labor challenges

The Standardized Solution for:

Frontline Training

Move away from job shadowing with a robust training program that isn’t reliant on individual experts.


Experiencing an on-the-job issue? Post a question company-wide to leverage the knowledge of every employee.

Work Execution

Collect data from your operators during work execution to guide them through processes.

Workforce Planning

Upskill employees and effectively address skill gaps with on-hand data and insights on employee training.

Applicable across all industries:
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Environmental
  • Distribution & Retail
  • Government & Institutions

What Our Clients Say

TWI Institute’s advice and training opened our eyes to the fundamentals we needed to achieve our improvement goals. Without these fundamentals, there would be no improvement.
Skip Steward, Vice President and Chief Improvement Officer From Baptist Memorial Health Care
Skip Steward, Baptist Health Care, Improvement (Continuous Improvement, Kaizen Training, Leadership Dev and Custom Solutions Page)

About Dozuki

As the leading solution for frontline digital transformation, Dozuki allows manufacturing companies to connect their processes, their people and their platforms to deliver faster, safer and better production.

About TWI

TWI Institute is the business performance partner that develops people as the foundation for patient satisfaction and sustainable results in the workplace, by advancing the skills, contributions and self-respect in workers.

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