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TWI Academy Italia

TWI Academy Italia is a consulting company specialized in Training Within Industry, Toyota Kata and Standardized Work. It is also the Global Partner of TWI Institute USA for Italy and France.

We learned that the first line of supervision is critical in making small daily improvements, leading the work teams, and making the whole system stick together. Therefore, with TWI, we help our customers to build capability into the organization at the supervisor level which is very critical for their success.

Thanks to our partnership with TWI Institute USA, the worldwide recognized top organization for Training Within Industry, we can provide our clients the TRUE TWI, the methodology developed by the US Government during WW2, still used today by the main companies all over the world, including Toyota Motor Corporation.

Furthermore, being part of the TWI Institute Global Partners network, we can train and coach our client companies in 18 different the local languages.

Industries Served
Automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, plastic moulding, carbon fibers, aerospace, services, others
Italian, English, French.
Fabrizio Paolin
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After graduating in Business Economics from Cà Foscari University of Venice, Fabrizio worked in the foreign commercial office of a medium-sized Italian company producing capital goods. Following that early experience, he worked on support activities for the development of Venetian mechatronic companies where he carried out numerous projects in process innovation and development of new markets for operations in Italy and abroad. For almost 10 years, Fabrizio was a staff member of the Veneto Productivity Center Foundation of Vicenza where he acted as a TWI Institute Certified Trainer. In 2018, he founded TWI Academy Italia and became the Global Partner of TWI Institute, reintroducing the Training Within Industry methodology in Italy. Fabrizio has participated in numerous study trips to the US and Japan, where he had the opportunity to learn more about TWI, Toyota Kata and Standardized Work under the guidance of Patrick Graupp, Mike Rother and Isao Kato. He teaches Training Within Industry and Toyota Kata in many courses and masters held at major training centers and universities. He is a TWI Institute Master Trainer of Job Instruction and Job Relations, and a certified trainer for TWI Job Methods, Job Safety, Problem Solving, Standardized Work and Toyota Kata Simulation.

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