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We have a 3-part system that shines a light on the roadmap needed to turn your key people into productive, adaptive, resilient leaders!

At the center of any change is people and people are the heart and soul of every organization.

We are passionate about them. Can you imagine or think of any workplace or personal change that does not involve and thus affect people?

South-East Asia
Industries Served
Manufacturing, food and beverage, public service/government, disability care
English, Vietnamese
Partner Case Studies

Griffith Post School Options – Developing Team Leaders in a ‘differently abled’ environment

Developing Team Leaders in a ‘differently abled’ environment.
Oscar Roche
Oscar has been a Director – JI, JR and JM Trainer & Mentor for 11 years as well as a TWI Institute Toyota Kata Master Trainer & Mentor for 6 years.
Tran Nyuyyet
Nguyet has 16 years manufacturing experience, an MBA, a food technology degree and many TWI qualifications. She has led production, quality, maintenance, logistics and sales for global firms and is expert in food and dairy industry. Working in these areas has made Nguyet able to develop, manage and improve businesses. She knows that long-term success depends on staff. Today Nguyet helps companies build strong bases for good business.

What can we help your team achieve?