Job Methods (JM)

Improving the way jobs are done for continual improvement.

Job Methods Training neatly wraps up your continuous improvement program by building on the skills of the operators and first line leaders (team leaders, supervisors, group leaders…). The aim of the program is to produce greater quantities of quality products in less time by making the best use of the people, machines, and materials currently available. Participants are taught how to break down jobs into their constituent operations. Every detail is questioned in a systematic manner to generate ideas for improvement. New methods are developed by eliminating, combining, rearranging, and simplifying steps in the process.

Job Methods will enhance most team-based continuous improvement programs by delivering a high volume of small incremental improvements from individuals. Job Methods provides a system to get the most out of manpower, machines and materials currently available. It conditions and develops individuals to break down a job into its details and eliminates wasteful tasks, combines and rearranges necessary tasks, and simplifies those tasks that are required.

Job Methods yields significant benefits including reduced cost through productivity gains, increased throughput, and reduced work in process.