Unique DNA

One of the unique foundations for the TWI Institute’s success in implementing, training and coaching Training Within Industry programs is the DNA, or lineage, of Senior Master Trainer Patrick Graupp. Patrick’s direct link through his Sensei, Mr. Shibuya at Sanyo, has provided a lifetime of mentoring and the direct transfer of TWI programs, culture, implementation strategies, and other important learnings from the original TWI Service in the U.S. and Japan. Patrick’s expertise is carefully and continually shared with the staff and network of trainers and partners.

The timeline below outlines our link to the TWI founders, creating your link to TWI success.


The US Department of War- War Manpower Commission created the TWI service


Channing Dooley, Walter Dietz, Mike Kane and Bill Conover (collectively known as the four horsemen) continued the TWI program development and created the TWI Foundation. One of the District Directors, Lowell Mellen, created TWI Inc. and was contracted by the US Government to deliver TWI to Japan as part of the rebuilding effort.


Kenji Ogawa is one of the 35 original TWI Trainers taught and certified in Japan


Mr. Ogawa trains Kazuhiko Shibuya, for SANYO Electric Corporation


Mr. Shibuya, Manager Overseas Training trains newly hired American Patrick Graupp


Patrick Graupp joins TWI Institute as Senior Master Trainer


Over 3000 TWI Institute certified trainers delivering TWI for companies around the globe