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We live in a digital-first world. From robotic order fulfillment to automated production to AI-powered customer service, there’s hardly an industry that hasn’t seen large-scale digitization of manual processes. Digital training programs have even replaced some hands-on instruction — but how can you transition your frontline training into the digital-first realm?

Enter Dozuki, the TWI Institute’s latest partner in providing future-ready standard job instruction.

What Is Dozuki?

Dozuki is an industry leader in standard job instruction software. Designed as a digital training guide, Dozuki enables frontline workers and supervisors to train themselves on the job, saving time and resources, enhancing manufacturing performance and accelerating digital transformation efforts in the process.

With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive backend, the Dozuki platform enables frontline workers and supervisors to:

  • Store and access training materials
  • Track and analyze training progress
  • Streamline training resources
  • Upskill on the job
  • Set workflows
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Document work processes for training purposes
  • Update job information as processes and technologies evolve
  • Troubleshoot in real time
  • Identify areas for improvement

The software package includes equipment and materials lists, step-by-step job instructions, process photos, diagrams, video tutorials and demonstrations as well as analytical tools to help workers support continuous improvement efforts. The highly visual format of the platform provides easy-to-follow manuals to accommodate varying learning styles or comprehension levels.

What Is TWI?

Organizations that leverage Dozuki experience improved communication, increased standardization and reduced training time across their entire workforce. However, there are many jobs for which there is no substitute for personalized, one-on-one instruction with an experienced trainer — and that’s where the Training Within Industry (TWI) method comes in.

TWI is a process of hands-on workplace learning, practice, coaching and certification, developed in the 1940s during World War II to rapidly upskill a brand-new American workforce. Today, TWI programs such as Job Instruction, Job Relations and Job Methods are still utilized across industries to develop frontline supervisors, team leaders and workers, thereby building a foundation for repeatable, sustainable results. In the midst of the digital training revolution, TWI methods bridge the gap between autonomous, digital-only training and personalized, real-time instruction.

Why Combine TWI & Dozuki?

There are many jobs for which skilled instructor-led training is essential, whether due to a high level of difficulty, critical quality implications or potential for danger. TWI’s Job Instruction method, for example, covers these dynamic aspects of training completely and comprehensively.

At the same time, TWI methodology is not always appropriate (or necessary) for tasks which workers can learn easily and effectively on their own with strong visual guides. Therefore, access to an autonomous training alternative — like Dozuki — is key to conserving resources and streamlining the learning process.

This is what makes the partnership of TWI Institute and Dozuki so powerful. The Dozuki tool combines the proven TWI Job Instruction methodology with built-in software support that makes workplace training more accessible and convenient than ever before. TWI Institute’s training processes are integrated directly into Dozuki’s platform work; even when personalized training is delivered via TWI instruction, learners can use the Dozuki guides as references and “memory joggers.” For example, workers can utilize Dozuki as a central repository for digital versions of Job Instruction Breakdown Sheets (JIBS) to organize them and make them easier to find and access.

As “digital twins” of sorts, TWI Institute and Dozuki work together to provide the most comprehensive training resources available today, each amplifying the other’s proven approach. Organizations that leverage the TWI-augmented Dozuki software see staggering benefits:

  • 63% reduction in changeover time
  • 50% reduction in documentation time
  • 78% reduction in training time
  • 45% increase in productivity

This partnership comes at a crucial moment, as workers across industries are reskilling, upskilling or entering new fields altogether to meet the high demand for talent. The ability to leverage both in-person and virtual training tools — each in alignment with the other — will allow organizations to optimize their existing resources, personnel, budget and training timelines while employees get up to speed. In this way, both TWI and Dozuki provide the ideal framework for scalable continuous improvement.

Reach out to the TWI Institute to learn how Dozuki can enhance your current training and standardization efforts.

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