TWIST─ TWI Synchronous Training

TWI TWIST graphic 01 copy2A Real-Time Video Teaching, Training and Learning Platform For TWI Programs

Face-to-face training, while often preferred, isn't always possible or practical. However, advances in technology have created new opportunities for training initiatives focused on achieving goals in process and job stability, work standards, lean, and continuous improvement. For organizations that want the efficacy of instructor-led, classroom-style training but can't get all the right people together in one place, at one time, TWI Institute has developed TWISTSM (TWI Synchronous Training).


  • Provides real-time, instructor-led, online video training for TWI programs in Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM), Job Relations (JR), Job Safety (JS) and Problem Solving (PS). 
  • Includes an easy-to-use camera, lighting, class texts, and training room set-up guide. 
  • Is designed for groups of 10 or less – and excellent even for single-learners.
  • Turns the potential of your people into performance for your organization – building skills, stability and safety into every day. 
  • Helps achieve business and training goals with high satisfaction, effectiveness and economy.
  • Is the same authentic TWI Institute TWI programs, taught in real-time, by the same certified TWI Institute master trainers.
  • Through our certified trainers and global partners, we have the capability to conduct TWIST training in multiple languages based on your needs and locations.

The TWI Institute’s TWIST platform can adjust to your organization’s training scope, budget and preferences. 

Interested in TWIST for your organization? Contact us to make a reservation. 

 School specialty“I have to say I am really impressed at how well our virtual training is going! I was filled with dread of on-line learning, but you have completely made the entire training highly engaging. I appreciate the time you spent in prep to ensure we had our technology right. I feel connected with my classmates and the training content is excellent.”

Tricia Kissenger | School Specialty, Inc.

 TWI TWIST“TWIST is a turn in the right direction given today’s demand for higher performance levels and customer satisfaction given the backdrop of frontline issues such as workforce safety, productivity, rapid change, cultural challenges and the need for speed.”

  ─ Scott Curtis, President & CEO | TWI Institute