Implementation and Coaching

Customized Implementation Plan

The successful implementation of Training Within Industry relies on a number of factors including top management support, proper training and a commitment at every level in the organization to follow through. In addition, a carefully laid out implementation plan is a critical factor. Through the implementation of hundreds of projects over a wide variety of industries, the Institute has the unique ability to tailor a strategy best suited to your business’ needs and aligned to achieve significant and sustainable results.

The three primary TWI modules, Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), and Job Methods (JM), work hand-in-hand to drive improvements and achieve results. The TWI Institute recommends an order of implementation for the modules, based on both the original TWI Service recommendations and documented modern day results. In some circumstances, there are good reasons to vary this order, and the Institute or our Certified Trainer will work with you to determine what is best for your situation. Please contact us for an outline of the TWI Institute’s standard recommendations and initial assessment of which approach might be right for you.

Follow-up Coaching

TWI training is the first step in the transformation to an organization with standard work, stable processes and continuous improvement. The work begins after the initial training ends. All too often unplanned events intervene in the progress on implementing TWI. Enter the coach. Ideally the TWI trainer who provided the initial training and knows the organization well will return to gauge progress, identify problems, suggest solutions and help realign goals.  Over a three day period, the coach will meet with management, managers, trainers, supervisors and team leaders, to observe how TWI is being implemented. The TWI coach will review every aspect of a TWI implementation and develop concrete recommendations on how to move the TWI implementation to the next level.

Supporting Your Journey

The TWI Institute is a resource for you at every step along the way of your TWI journey. Please join our community of TWI practitioners and take advantage of:

  • Implementation planning
  • Training for supervisors and trainers
  • Follow-up coaching
  • Networking connections
  • Sharing expertise though conferences, webinars, and more