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When existing clients of TKMG Academy began requesting more information about TWI Job Instruction, Founder and President Karen Martin knew just who to call.

In partnership with TWI Institute, TKMG recently launched their brand-new Training Within Industry: Job Instruction series, their 18th professional development video course. Led by Co-founder and Senior Master Trainer Patrick (Pat) Graupp, this easy-to-follow, 15-part course introduces learners to the Training Within Industry Job Instruction (JI) method, its origins, proven results and lasting benefits to workers and their organizations.

While TKMG is the “premier online learning destination for upskilling leaders and achieving business performance improvement,” Karen knew that, in order to deliver the most impactful content, TKMG would need to leverage the Institute’s expertise. Similar to TWI Institute’s published books, articles and white papers, the TKMG course introduces knowledge about the JI method and conveys the importance of further training and coaching to effectively develop the skill to perform the method.

Karen even got to see the results of the training in real time during filming. “While I had known about TWI, I wasn’t deeply familiar with it until we began developing this course,” she says. “I was blown away at how fast an actor developed proficiency in tying consistent, high-quality Fire Underwriter’s Knots!”

Participants in this course will learn:

  • The four-step method for Job Instruction, including a real-world demonstration of the technique.
  • How to break jobs into their component parts, using simple, concise language that’s easy to understand and retain.
  • How to identify and teach the critical Key Points in performing any job in any industry.
  • How to create a training plan to ensure workers have the understanding and skills to consistently perform at high levels.

Available for $49 exclusively from TKMG, the course is broken down into 15 installments totalling 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Pat is clear that this video course is not intended to replace formal JI training. “We are proud to document this process in an accessible way to the general public,” he says. “We hope that it brings more people to an understanding of TWI and an awareness of the need for proper training and coaching by experts in the method.”

The process of shooting the video was truly a collaborative effort. Shot at Manhattan Beach Studios in Los Angeles (on the same lot as several Marvel movies, The Mandalorian and Avatar), the TWI Institute team benefited from exceptional production value and an objective lens. “The high quality of production and meticulous attention to detail the TKMG Academy brings to creating these courses is impressive,” Pat says. “Karen Martin is an expert at editing and helped me to distill the script for the course into a crisp, clear and comprehensive presentation of the Job Instruction method.”

In execution, the TKMG team matched the Institute’s standards for accessibility and clarity of content. “After decades of teaching the course, I was still able to learn from this experience [and develop] new approaches to delivering a time-tested model,” says Pat. “Karen and her production team left no small stone unturned in their effort to produce the highest quality program.”

Likewise, the course content integrates well with TKMG’s existing catalog and track record of helping “people at all levels achieve outstanding results.”

“[Pat] does a stellar job explaining the proven 4-step model for delivering excellent instruction and developing one’s supervisors,” says Karen. She notes that, rather than presenting a turnkey update to standard operating procedures, this course suggests a way for organizations to build sustainability and longevity into their day-to-day.

“Building a predictable operation is a key trait in outstanding organizations,” she says. “And it also allows leaders to sleep at night. TWI Job Instruction helps you build this reality.”

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