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Training in healthcare safety, procedure stability and skills address infection control and looming personnel and materials shortages.

Empire State Development, the umbrella organization for New York State’s economic development activities, has approved the TWI Institute as an essential business. Consent came due to the teaching and training TWI Institute conducts for medical manufacturers, hospitals and healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical producers and other businesses. These training programs are essential because they teach critical skills and safety measures for people performing frontline treatment and patients receiving it, as well as standardization and stability in operations and procedures.

TWI Institute’s work in training hospital personnel has covered infection control, both for the patient and the staff, cleaning and sanitizing treatment areas, donning personal protective clothing and equipment, and specific treatment procedures. The TWI Institute also provides re-training or up-skilling for retired healthcare professionals called back to address potential shortages in active staff and skills building for volunteers who may be needed for temporary medical facilities created in hotels, dorms, convention centers and the like.

The TWI Institute uses “Training Within Industry”, commonly referred to as TWI, as its core teaching method. TWI originated in the United States early in World War II. Because the war effort required so much manpower, the people who replaced the labor in manufacturing plants, including women who had never worked in factories or shipyards before, not only needed job training, but also a different approach to work in order to produce the amount of materials needed by the armed services. Case study data shows that TWI works as successfully today.

“The TWI method won WWII by rapidly training unskilled workers to produce materials and supplies needed for the war effort. We’re in a war now and we can use those same methods to up-skill and re-skill volunteers and recalled healthcare staff returning from retirement, along with re-training factory workers who must convert from familiar tasks to new work for medical materials.”, said Scott Curtis, President and CEO of the TWI Institute.

Clients of TWI Institute include Baptist Memorial Hospital, Veterans Hospital of Detroit, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Coca-Cola, Lego, and Merck.

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