Toyota Kata Training & Certification

The Need for Toyota Kata

How do we make improvement a top tier priority? Where do we start, on which improvements do we focus our attention, which get the finite resources? As providers of products, healthcare and services, we need to develop improvement habits that both live and thrive in dynamic environments. Toyota Kata is the answer.

The TWI Institute & Toyota Kata

Toyota Kata is quickly gaining momentum and recognition as a missing link in the sustainability of Lean business strategies and continuous improvement initiatives. As the number of organizations practicing Kata has been growing, many TWI Institute clients have joined their ranks. These organizations have independently and consistently discovered a connection between TWI and Kata – the TWI Job Relations and Job Instruction processes naturally arise as solutions to the obstacles workers face.

As our interest and experience with Toyota Kata deepened, we recognized the parallels in successfully integrating Kata and TWI into organizations. The need for standard work – a hallmark of all successful Lean organizations – applies to the training process as well. Applying the TWI methodology to Kata was a natural.

By standardizing training methods across the facility and even across multiple facilities, organizations can most effectively spread the Kata culture. With the TWI Institute’s Global Network of Certified Trainers, consistency is built-in worldwide.

The TWI Institute Kata programs were developed in cooperation with our partners: Visual Workplace Australasia and Leanab in Sweden. All members of the TWI Institute global network are excited to help organizations in manufacturing, healthcare and service across the world achieve operational excellence through TWI and Toyota Kata.

Toyota Kata Programs include:

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