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With TWI training, Seasonal Workers Now 95% Productive in Only 3.8 Hours

Hiring, training, and retaining talent is a major challenge today. The Work Institute and its President, Danny Nelms, reported that voluntary turnover jumped from 1.9 million in April 2020 to 3.3 million in December 2020. Nelms pointed out 2021 as a year that will see less labor force participation and more job openings, which “…will lead to the same supply and demand issues we had before the pandemic.” Whether it’s existing workers, new hires or temporary help, onboarding, skilling up, and keeping frontline workers engaged is a challenge. In this Case History Snapshot, see how educational equipment and supplies distributor School Specialty achieved dramatic improvement in productivity, while cutting turnover and training time through a partnership with the TWI Institute over a multiphase, multi-department program.

Access the Case History Snapshot here.

Access Tim Dove’s full presentation, “Investing in Our People with TWI”, here.

View insights and tips on improvement implementation in this interview with Tim Dove, Director of Human Resources at School Specialty here.

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