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TWI Summit Star Tim Dove on Reducing Turnover During High-Pressure Season

School Specialty, Inc. is the leading distributor of products, materials, and services to educators across North America. School Specialty doesn’t move goods from warehouse to schoolhouse, it creates educational ecosystems and holistic environments, from crayons to curriculum, furniture to technology.

School Specialty chose TWI Institute for its emphasis on people development. Because 75% of School Specialty’s revenues are generated in just over a four-month period, the pressure for accuracy and timeliness is extreme. For a closer look, go behind the scenes with School Specialty’s Tim Dove, Director of Human Resources, and Pat Graupp, TWI Institute’s Vice President and Senior Master Trainer.

  • Monumental results and improvements yield from School Specialty’s TWI implementation
  • The most compelling reason behind your choice of TWI
  • Challenges and complications along the journey
  • TWI programming’s impact on quality, safety, and employee relations
  • Reactions from trainees on the frontlines; migrating TWI into non-traditional departments
  • Tips and mission-critical advice on planning and implementing TWI successfully

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