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Leveraging TWI to Achieve Business Performance Improvement:
Overcoming Challenges on the Frontline and Bottom Line

Training Within Industry (TWI) has proven to be a critical success factor where regulatory compliance and marketplace integrity are paramount.

This event, broadcast on February 11, 2021, showcases how two global leaders – Merck in pharmaceuticals and TeleFlex in medical devices – partnered with the TWI Institute to create a culture where developing people and capabilities is the central focus for dealing with change, as well as achieving improvements in training effectiveness, production, quality, and costs.

Joining Patrick Graupp, Vice President and Senior Master Trainer of the TWI Institute are Bob Hesse, Director of Enterprise Excellence and Jan Sondag, Plant Manager at Teleflex, and Barbara Ann Valinotti, Learning Partner at Merck. These experts give you an inside look at how to approach and solve problems in an uncertain and shifting landscape.

Learn about:

  • Drivers of change and needs for process improvement in the midst of regulatory influences and COVID
  • Developing GxPs in a “new normal” and going “beyond normal” to higher levels of OpEx
  • Structuring and scoping a global plan to launch and implement TWI improvement programs; achieving buy-in and executive sponsorship
  • TWI as a Solution; Close-up of implementation and frontline reactions
  • What changed: Program results and efficacy

This recording is ideal reference for leaders who want to elevate performance beyond requirements to higher levels of excellence, or those suddenly faced with a challenge that impacts established operating procedures or threatens the health and well-being of its people. See how TWI and the TWI Institute can help you manage people, change and challenges more successfully.

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