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TWI Institute principals Scott Curtis and Patrick Graupp detail how TWI can prepare companies for rapid change in HR Dive, a leading human resources digital publication.

World War II-era training program prepares companies for rapid change

TWI underscores the importance of front-line management during a crisis or period of change, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

A methodology associated with preparing the U.S manufacturing sector for World War II and the campaign that gave us Rosie the Riveter is now helping companies in all kinds of production train frontline leaders.

Known as Training Within Industry (TWI), the program is cited as an influence to the legendary efficiency models developed at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, as the leaders of TWI Institute explained. Today, TWI is helping companies pivot their operations and supporting business continuity during the coronavirus pandemic, primarily in healthcare and manufacturing.

“Even though it focuses on improving output and productivity, safety and all those things,” TWI Institute principal Patrick Graupp told HR Dive, “at the core of the TWI program is what the Japanese like to call the human element.”

The human element highlights the important role that frontline supervisors play in change management and continuous development efforts.

Read the full article, World War II-era training program prepares companies for rapid change on HR Dive.

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