Driving and Coaching Improvement Using Toyota Kata and TWI

A Jumpstart for Putting Toyota Kata into Practice

This week-long, hands-on program provides executives and managers everything needed to begin the journey of establishing Toyota Kata in your organization. The program begins with the 1-day Toyota Kata and TWI Simulation to establish awareness of the skills and demonstrate the value. Over the next four days, the 10-hour program is applied to the development of Toyota Kata in your organization. Upon completion, your management team will have a starting point and a pathway for immediate use and practice of Toyota Kata.

Maximize Momentum and Results

By launching your Toyota Kata practice with Driving and Coaching Improvement Using Toyota Kata and TWI:

  • Senior leadership team members and middle managers learn together and create a common understanding, vision and mindset. A cohesive team is essential for success.
  • The integration of the simulation and 10-hour program coupled with the application of Toyota Kata cements learning and provides added motivation to start your journey.
  •  Leaders learn Toyota Kata in the same manner that others in the organization will, providing all the benefits of standard work to your training and mentoring process.
  •  The stage is set for continued momentum the following week; without unneeded delays. Continuity of thought and action delivers progress and results sooner.