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SkillPoint for JI

A Job Instruction Experience Like No Other

What is SkillPoint?

SkillPoint is a workshop format built around a hyper-realistic production line simulation. Originally created as a training exercise by General Motors and the Toyota Corporation, SkillPoint participants engage in hands-on, real-time experiments to see how Training Within Industry (TWI) skills can streamline work processes, reduce downtime and provide a standard approach to workplace training.

A Skillpoint for Job Instruction (JI) workshop immerses participants in the process of rapidly learning news skills, implementing them and finding ways to reduce wasted time and energy along the way. SkillPoint for JI introduces and instills Lean operational principles that participants can then apply in their own organizations.

Just like on a real production line, a SkillPoint workshop can get hectic — but experienced guides are on hand to provide support and direction. Participants practice employing “soft” skills like time management, communication and critical thinking on the job, all with an eye to continuous improvement that is sustainable, adaptable and scalable.

What a SkillPoint JI Workshop Covers

SkillPoint for JI is an excellent solution for organizations with a tight timeline. Delivered through a partnership between Lean Frontiers, the TWI Institute and the Center for Employee Development, each partner leverages their experience and proven methodologies to succinctly cover:

  • Breaking down jobs into the “one best way” to execute
  • Utilizing JI skills to standardize and improve work processes
  • Hands-on Lean operational training, including Lean principles like Kanban, load balancing and 5S methodology
  • Iterating improved processes to build a culture of improvement

The entire experience takes a cumulative 3.5 days, during which participants are introduced to core Lean and TPS principles applied through hands-on practice on the simulated production line. Upon completion of the workshop, each participant receives their Job Instruction 10 Hour certificate.

For those seeking a hands-on understanding of Kata in practice, see our SkillPoint for Toyota Kata workshop.

SkillPoint for Toyota Kata