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Building a Culture of Improvement on Your Front Lines

Foundations of Standardized Work

Standardized Work (SW) arms your management, supervisors and workforce with the mentality and methods to continually improve. SW is not a pack of standard operating procedures; it’s the control system that unifies and synchronizes work improvements for the lowest-cost, best quality and safest conditions possible.

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What We Will Cover

Our Foundations of Standardized Work course will help your teams see their jobs from a whole new perspective. They will identify variances in processes, eliminate ambiguities and solve problems. This course will unify your teams and help foster confidence in their influence — both in on-the-job improvement and on overall organizational results.

The course can be tailored to address either upper or mid-level management; the upper management iteration will emphasize the philosophy and intended results of SW, while the mid-level iteration will cover the more tactical aspects of SW implementation.

Objectives of this course include:

  • Defining the purpose and role of SW and TWI at the organizational level and on the frontlines.
  • Defining the relationship between SW and Continuous Improvement.
  • Defining the relationship between SW and Problem Solving.
  • Clarifying how Standardized Work, Standard Work, and Work Standards integrate and function.
  • Learning how to build higher levels of trust among frontline leaders and teams.