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Job Relations Videos

These four videos are expertly designed case studies that teach the four steps of Job Relations using situations that are readily recognizable to any frontline leader. They are meant to be used exclusively by TWI Institute certified trainers who integrate them into the Job Relations Trainer Delivery Manual and become material for teaching the method. Professional actors in an L.A. film studio were used to capture the quality and accuracy of the teaching content.



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What Our Clients Say

JR is the training we didn't get when we became managers. I like the systematic, thoughtful approach to solving supervisory problems.
JR class participant from Boeing (Job Relations Page)
We're a manufacturing company but people are the core of our operation. TWI Institute's JR (Job Relations) program brought an emphasis on trust and transparency that built a foundation for a more collaborative and cooperative culture.
Norton McMurray
Norton McMurray, Job Relations (Homepage)
After Job Relations training, the Cummins Mid-range Engine frontline went from virtually no improvement ideas to 3,000 ideas over a three-year span.
Cummins Engine