Training Within Industry in the United States

C. R. Dooley, Report III: Vocational Training, International Labor Organization (Montreal, 1946).

A comprehensive review of the wartime TWI programs, given in April 1946 by C. R. Dooley, one of the founders of the program, from TWI’s initial inception to wider adaptation in offices, hospitals and agriculture throughout the war.

TWI was an emergency service to the nation’s WWII contractors and essential production. TWI’s objectives were to help contractors to get out better war production faster, to shorten to the war and to help industry to lower the cost of war materials. From its initial application toward the war effort, TWI’s standard programs were adapted, developed and transmitted to representatives all over the world for use in a variety of fields.

  • The Necessity for Training
  • The Development of a Specific Training Plan
  • The TWI Approach in the United States
  • Adaptations of the TWI Programs
  • Fundamental Principles of the TWI Approach

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