“If the Worker Hasn’t Learned, the Instructor Hasn’t Taught” / Learn to Work Well With Employees

The Modern Hospital, Vol. 61, No. 1, July 1943

Fundamentals of Job Instruction and Job Relations proved their worth in healthcare in 1943 and have not changed since.

Reproductions of job breakdowns from a group of hospital housekeepers adopting the TWI program of the War Manpower Commission in 1943 illustrate the basic training instructions of Job Instruction. The lessons they learned during the war are not so different from what we face today. The foundations and four steps of good job relations are seen here as relevant as ever.

  • How to instruct
  • Job breakdown – cleaning an occupied room
  • Job breakdown – cleaning and making up a vacant bed
  • Foundations for good relations
  • Four steps for taking action on a people problem

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