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Developing Effective Leadership Skills Case Study

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Date & Time
October 19, 2021
2 PM -2:30 PM ET
Raaghavan Venkatram

In this free webinar, Raaghavan Venkatram, senior leader at NORMAC, will illustrate how he leveraged simple but powerful leadership tools to:

  • Establish a scientific mindset within NORMAC people through Toyota Kata practice
  • Strengthened relationships through practicing TWI Job Relations
  • Developed competency of others and reduced risk through practicing TWI Job Instruction

What was the imperative that lead Raaghavan to do this?

Leading a team can often mean that supervisors and managers spend too much time solving urgent problems and too little time building a better, stronger team. Plummeting employee retention and the inability to attract new talent are direct results — not causes — of this dynamic.

Managers and Supervisors can regularly find themselves:

  • Frustrated
  • Buried in chaos
  • Going around in circles, chasing their tail
  • Struggling to build and maintain team unity

Raaghavan was there in 2015 … He’s not now.

In conversation with Oscar Roche, TWI Institute Global Partner, Raaghavan will share how he transitioned to a purpose-driven leader of employees who stick around.

Empowered by the same fundamental skills Raaghavan and others like him have used to great success, you too could become your organization’s next great leader and/or help others achieve likewise.

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