Courses / SkillsLab – CANCELLED


  • Anderson, IN
  • $3,995.00

SkillsLab is a gathering of those seeking to learn, practice, create a deployment plan and then sustain the use of skills for a continuous improvement environment.  We will be focused on learning and hands-on practice of  TWI, Toyota Kata, and Coaching and how the application and interplay of these skills give an organization the ability to build a culture of continuous improvement at all levels.  You will practice and learn through many iterations of the skills.  Also, you will be applying these skills on the real-life simulator led by seasoned presenters/trainers who have a unique blend of expertise and mastery building the TWI, Toyota Kata, and Coaching skills in organizations.

What sets this learning opportunity apart is the focus we will have on deployment.  


  • 2601 S. Scatterfield Road

    Anderson, IN

  • March 5 - March 7, 2024