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Skillpoint for Coaching Kata

  • Sam Wagner
In Person
  • Anderson, IN
  • $2,995.00


The workshop uses the world-class simulation created by GM to teach the principles and practices of the Toyota Production System. It’s complex, chaotic at times, with deadlines and pressures, allowing you to experience how Coaching Kata, underpinned by the Improvement Kata, can be practiced in the flow of production. Learn how to think and act in a lean / continuous improvement environment. 


Learning Objective of Skillpoint for the Coaching Kata

Creating a culture of continuous improvement is a struggle for many organizations.  Skillpoint for the Coaching Kata will teach the “skill” of the Coaching Kata in a hands-on, learn-by-doing environment practicing the application.  Gaining knowledge, and especially direct experience, is critical to the success of building a culture through the practice of continuous improvement.

You will be taught, coached, and trained by seasoned trainers on the skill of the Coaching Kata through a series of presentations and practice sessions to identify, and hone-in on, the Kata skills.  The Skillpoint Workshop combines training sessions with practice sessions.  Skillpoint for the Coaching Kata will teach this skill, in part, through many practice iterations on the Skillpoint simulator (see below for details).  Participants will leave with experience and confidence to utilize the Coaching Kata, underpinned by the Improvement Kata, to go practice in their own organizations.



  • 2601 S. Scatterfield Road

    Anderson, IN


  • Sam Wagner
  • September 12 - September 14, 2023