TWI:2018 Training Management System International Standard

In this era of a tight labor market, significant skills gap, and unprecedented number of skilled and knowledgeable workers retiring, training has become more important than ever. Training Within Industry programs including Job Instruction, Job Relations, Job Methods, and Job Safety have consistently addressed these challenges. By building these programs into a formal Training Management System, organizations can achieve sustainable results including a decrease in training time to reach proficiency, establishment of standard work, employee engagement and a decrease in employee turnover. To accomplish this, TWI:2018 Training Management System International Standard was developed.AdobeStock 104109923

TWI:2018 is embedded in and supplements a company’s Quality Management System. Following the pattern of ISO9001:2015, it is easily integrated, yet it is also well-suited as a stand-alone Training Management System (TMS).  It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity; it is equally as effective in manufacturing, healthcare and service.

An organization may decide to invite the TWI Institute certification body to verify it is compliant to the standard and issue the certification. Alternatively, it could self-certify compliance to TWI:2018 or even invite its clients to audit the system. 

At the TWI Institute, we developed the TWI:2018 Training Management System International Standard and are responsible for its stewardship and revisions. We provide guidance on how to comply with the standard and perform certification audits.

We invite you to download a brief overview of the TWI:2018 Training Management System International Standard and to connect with the TWI team to better understand how you can apply this Standard to help your organization. 

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