Proven Results

Training Within Industry has a rich history of sustainable improvements dating back to the 1940s. Today’s TWI Institute clients are no exception to this success and, in most cases, far exceed past results. The improvements go beyond standard metrics; these clients are achieving real organizational change plus employee engagement and empowerment.

Past History of Success

17571447The TWI Service’s mission from the start in June 1940 was “to help industry to help itself to get out more materials than have ever been thought possible.” The TWI founders monitored 600 companies to gather data to evaluate performance. The data leaves no doubt that TWI contributed to winning the war of production.

  • 86% increased production by at least 25%
  • 100% reduced training time by 25% or more
  • 88% reduced labor-hours by over 25%
  • 55% reduced scrap by at least 25%
  • 100% reduced grievances by more than 25%

Read these historical case studies:

Present Day Successes 

Virtually all companies that implemented TWI in the last 10 years have experienced impressive results. These include a decrease in errors as a result of improved training, reduced change-over times due to improved methods and an improvement in employee morale and engagement by giving employees a method for putting their improvement ideas to practice. As part of an overall Lean or continuous improvement strategy many have seen significant improvements in profitability and operating income. In one case, a 300% improvement in operating income crowned a long list of other results.

Case Studies

  • Fujifilm Dimatrix Plant
    Summary: Fujifilm credits TWI JI and JR in successfully addressing decreased productivity and increased overtime associated with the use of temporary workers during peak season. Productivity increased 35% over 2 years and scrap was reduced by 57%.
  • Cummins Mid-range Engine Plant
    Summary: The company’s struggle with low quality, lengthy training times,  poor safety record, and lack of employee engagement led them to TWI JR, JI, and JS. A substantial turnaround was seen in all areas.

  • Ingersoll Rand – Trane
    Summary: Ingersoll Rand transformed its training process for new hires using TWI JI resulting in 60% less time to proficiency and a 50% increase in employee retention.


TWI Testimonial

The TWI programs have a long track record of dramatically boosting productivity and quality almost wherever they are used. They might well be the most successful supervisor training programs ever developed, in terms both of the numbers of people who have gone through them and their impact. Over the last four decades, they have supported the kaizen efforts of some of the world’s most efficient companies. In particular, they played a central role in the conceptual development of lean production and in instilling its most important principles in the minds of millions.

The three TWI programs – Job Relations, Job Methods, and Job Instruction – were carefully designed by some of the best training and management experts in U.S. history, and rigorously field-tested before general release. And as you will see, their message is unique. In five punchy two-hour modules, each course usually causes profound and lasting change in the way participants think and act.”

Dr. Alan G. Robinson, award-winning author, educator, and consultant has studied the impact of TWI on businesses for several years. 

Participant Remarks

Job Instruction

“We had a brand new employee; the team leader had left for the day so I had to set her up on a packing job. I prepared myself first and went through the steps (the JIT Four Step Method). She did a perfect job without mistakes.” Shop Floor Supervisor

“This was my first course in how to be a better trainer. I am going to teach it to my 5 leaders”.  Production Supervisor

In response to the question “Do you feel taking this course has helped you to be a better supervisor?” the supervisor wrote; “Yes, I know that when I train someone, it will be done right, safely, and efficiently.” Production Group Leader

Job Relations

“This would have been a perfect course when I started as a leader, 20 years ago!” Shop Floor Supervisor

“Simplicity is elegant; the program addresses fundamental human needs.”  Director of Corporate Development

“What I enjoyed most about this course is the real life problems brought in and used to learn the method.”  Shop Floor Supervisor

Job Methods

“What I like most about this course is “the practicality of the concept. It’s simple and it works!”  VP Operations

“Replaced multiple size arbor spacers with one universal spacer to reduce set-up time for a grinding operation.”  Machine Operator

“JMT produces immediate and dramatic results. Because the training starts with a baseline, it is easy to document and demonstrate measurable results. Clearly demonstrates the return on investment (ROI) that can be obtained from workforce training. This is a huge benefit because historically training has not been able to demonstrate specific bottom line results.” Consultant