“Without work standards there will be no standardized work.”

–Mr. Isao Kato, HR Advisor, Toyota Motor Corporation

The 5 Step Ups model of Work Standards is a process by which organizations can optimize their workplace operations and increase team satisfaction. Riding the wave of change brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lean Frontiers is offering a webinar introducing Step Up 1 of the work standardization process.

Presented by TWII global partner Oscar Roche, this two-day webinar will:

  • Introduce the 5 Step Ups model
  • Demonstrate the importance of Step Up 1 (Establish Work Standards) in the workplace
  • Offer a mini-simulation for attendees to begin establishing their own Work Standards
  • Present a manufacturing case study featuring a real-life application of Step Up 1 and part of Step Up 2
  • Additional opportunity: Oscar Roche will offer six one-on-one coaching sessions for those who’d like further guidance in implementing Step Up 1 in their organizations.

As we examine the future of work in 2021, Mr. Kato’s model may be more prescient than ever. If you—like the rest of our TWI Institute community—are passionate about workplace improvement strategies, you won’t want to miss this valuable two-day learning opportunity.

Event Details

Standardization: Laying a Solid Foundation Step Up 1 of the 5 Step Ups Model
  • April 21 and 22, 2021
  • 2:00PM-4:00PM EST Each Day
  • Hosted online by Lean Frontiers

Register here


You’ll also find valuable information on the 5 Step Ups model in the following resources, brought to you by a partnership between Lean Frontiers and the TWI Institute:

  • Article, “Real World Application of Step Up 1 of the Kato 5 Step Ups Model.” Read here
  • “What Is?”: a (free!) short video from Oscar Roche on the 5 Step Up Model, with a focus on Step Up 1 – Watch here
  • March 30 Webinar (free), “Infection Reduction in ICU: A hypothesis based on Kato’s 5 Step Up Model.” – Register here
  • April 6 Q&A Session (free), “Real World Application: Step Up 1 of the Kato Step Ups Model For Standardization” Register here

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